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'an experience like little else I've seen in theatres of late'


London City Nights

'a rich and varied tapestry of myriad lives'


Playhouse Pickings

'a sensational production in every meaning of the word'


Scatter of Opinion

'unique and heartbreakingly beautiful'

A Younger Theatre

'a tour de force of a performance'


Carn's Theatre Passion

'Daisy Brown & Nia Coleman are in perfect harmony throughout'

Theatre Things

In making Sister, we sought to put real, contemporary stories centre stage. We wanted to dive into the messy world of families and uncover the unbreakable bonds that hold them together. Rebecca interviewed a diverse range of women and girls about their sisters - hearing stories that were sometimes comic, sometimes tender and sometimes unashamedly raw.

We explored a number of different ways to tell these stories, but it wasn't until we struck on one key detail that we found what we were looking for. The people who'd chosen to share their stories with us had opened themselves up in ways they themselves hadn't even expected and we needed to match their honesty in our presentation of them on stage. So, we decided we had to make the entire show live - all the electronic music and sound design would be generated live onstage.

This was one of the most complex things we'd ever made and it proved to be immensely exhilarating and scary all in one go. The show was performed by two performers and ten microphones with everything they said and sung being recorded alongside the creation of live foley. This turned our interviews into a rich tapestry of stories, bring to life eternal friendships, sisters dived by civil war and the mayhem of growing up.


Cast & Creative Team

Daisy Brown & Nia Colemanperformers

Rebecca Hanburywriter & director

Alex Groves, composer

Georgia de Grey, designer

Ben Jacobs, lighting designer

Helen Edwards, producer

Emma Collins, stage manager

Devising Ensemble

Caroline Kennedy, Naomi Kuyck-Cohen

Emily Phillips, Alice Privett & Chiara Vinci

Supported by

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