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Short Works

Our collaboration stems from our interest in theatre and live music, and the ways in which we can bring them together. We're constantly experimenting and devising with new ideas to find exactly the right method of musical and visual storytelling for a piece and, over the years, have developed a unique process to do this.

We first worked together on a scratch piece called Hunger for Second Movement's rough for opera night. The piece told the story of the hunger-striking suffragettes who's constant game of cat and mouse with the law was realised through a bold movement language and electronic music.

With support from Theatre Delicatessen, we then set up a devising ensemble to meet regularly to play, sing and create. This led to three short works that each challenged us in new ways and pushed us to step outside of our comfort zone to make work that felt fresh and daring.

Locus was created for the National Theatre Young Studio and immersed the audience in the waking dreams and sleepless nights of insomniacs. Whilst Privates was a raw and confrontational response to revenge porn in the wake of the leaking of Jennifer Lawrence's private photos. And finally, there was Mouse - an absurdist take on the day-to-day lives of the mice on the London Underground.

Devising Ensemble

Catherine Carter, Amy Insole, CN Lester,

Rosie Middleton, Oskar McCarthy, Sarah ParkinEmily Phillips,

Alice Privett, Tom Robinson, Katie Sherrard & Chiara Vinci

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