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Psyche took us into completely uncharted territory - a one-on-one immersive installation that delved into the subconscious and the decisions we make but cannot control. At the time, we were frustrated with the grand nature of opera, the desire to push everything to be bigger and brighter. So, we decided to make a show that was as small as possible, just one performer and one audience member alone in our installation.

Audiences entered into the space blindfolded and, when they were able to see again, found themselves in a room with no entrance or exit. Guided through this sensory piece by the performer, it becomes increasingly clear that they're accused of a crime they may or may not have committed. Immersed in surround sound electronics and up close and personal with a classical trained singer, our audiences experienced an unnerving and spine-tingling work that left them questioning what had actually happened.

Cast & Creative Team

CN Lester & Chiara Vinciperformers

Sam Morgan, recorded voiceover

Rebecca Hanburydirector

Alex Groves, composer

Ben Behrens, writer

Kelli Des Jarlais, designer

Alexander Ridgers, lighting designer
Amy Insole, movement advisor

Supported by

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